Kate Middleton's Private Secretary Resigns

BY Kasia Truscott / Nov 18 2019 / 09:16 AM

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly losing one of her most important staff members

Kate Middleton's Private Secretary Resigns

Catherine Quinn, who has served as Kate Middleton's private secretary since 2017, is resigning from her role, as per reports by the Daily Mail. 

The outlet's royal correspondent, Rebecca English, reported that Quinn's role as private secretary had seen her work closely with the Duchess of Cambridge for the two years that she held the position. Notably, Quinn played a key role in helping the royal develop her "early years" project, which focuses on developing support groups and organisations to help young people deal with pressing social issues like crime and addiction. 

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The Daily Mail also reported that Quinn's resignation "after just two years is unusual. The job is considered a plum one and private secretaries can often stay in the role for a decade or more."

While it is still unclear as to why Quinn has offered her resignation, a source reportedly told English that, "Catherine is a thoroughly lovely lady and has achieved a lot working for the Duchess. But she simply wants to take a step back and focus again on her charity work. They are parting on the best of terms."