Exclusive: 5 Minutes With Emily Ratajkowski

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 21 2018 / 16:59 PM

Bazaar sits down with former cover star Emily Ratajkowski to chat beauty, body image and being the face of Paco Rabanne's new XS fragrance

Exclusive: 5 Minutes With Emily Ratajkowski

HBA: Who is the Paco Rabanne woman in your eyes?
ER: A really timeless, powerful woman who is super smart and capable of being in any situation, but also doesn’t take anything too seriously.

HBA: What attracted you to work with the brand?
ER: Paco Rabanne is a brand that hasn't lost their identity. They still have a legacy that they’ve implemented into this modern, cool-girl aesthetic that I love.

HBA: How would you describe the fragrance in one word?
ER: Excessive.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: What is one of your most memorable scents?
Emily Ratajkowski: I would say, my skin after I’ve spent the day in salt water in the beach. I love the way my skin smells after that.

HBA: Three beauty products you can’t live without?
ER: Retinol Supernova Serum from Joanna Vargas, Marc Jacobs lipstick in a grey/nude colour, and an eyebrow brush by Maybelline. Or sometimes I just use hairspray and brush them up.

Exclusive: 5 Minutes With Emily RatajkowskiSupernova Serum, Dhs 1,083, Joanna Vargas

HBA: Who is your beauty muse?
ER: I love Penelope Cruz and I think she just has a really great signature beauty look that I admire.

HBA: One of your favourite red carpet beauty looks that you’ve worn?
ER: There was a look a couple years ago at the Diamond Ball where I have a short hair wig and an old vintage Chanel dress and black eyeliner, I loved it.

Exclusive: 5 Minutes With Emily RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski at the 2017 Diamond Ball

HBA: What is one piece of beauty advice that you would give your 16 year-old self?
ER: Don’t let your face get in the sun too much. 

HBA: What is something that you admire about beauty trends from the Middle East, or just beauty in general?
ER: I’m a huge fan of the cat eye and I see so many beautiful women in the Middle East have this amazing gift with eyeliner - it’s not easy make-up to do!

HBA: If you could’ve been behind any iconic or signature beauty look, whose would it have been?
ER: Sophia Loren’s eyebrows.

HBA: The cheapest beauty product you've ever bought?
ER: The cheapest is a product called Aquaphor - it’s like a drugstore Vaseline. It's very simple, but you can use it for so many things. People put it on their tattoos, on their dry skin, and I put it on my lips. It's about $3.

HBA: The most expensive beauty product you've ever splurged on?
ER: I have a Tom Ford palette that I splurged on that’s so good. It’s a bronzer/highlighter palette and it’s amazing.

Exclusive: 5 Minutes With Emily RatajkowskiSkin Illuminating Powder Duo, Dhs 312, Tom Ford

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