How Much Is Selena Gomez Actually Worth?

BY Delara Zand / May 27 2019 / 18:50 PM

The singer's net worth will blow your mind

How Much Is Selena Gomez Actually Worth?
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The 26-year-old star has an impressive list of accomplishments and titles to her name - including her iconic stint as teen wizard Alex Russo (for which she was reportedly paid $30,000 or Dhs110,000 episode, per Money Inc.), the executive producer of a Netflix series, the voice behind two number-one albums and seven top-ten US Billboard Hot 100 tracks, a UNICEF ambassador, the most followed person on Instagram until October 2018 and the recent star of Jim Jarmusch's Palme d'Or-nominated comedy The Dead Don't Die. We're out of breath already. 

Her career began on Barney & Friends at just seven years old. She's gone on to become a versatile performer and public personality, involved in projects across the entertainment and fashion industry. So it would make sense that after this many years, she's worth a pretty large sum. Tell Me Something I Don't Know. But exactly how large?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Selena's net worth at an astounding $75 million (approximately Dhs275 million). When she's designed two collections for Coach and two for Puma, sold 22 million singles worldwide as of 2017, earns $800,000 (Dhs2.9 million) per Instagram post according to Business Insider, and won an American Music Award, an MTV Music Video Award and eighteen Teen Choice Awards, are we really surprised? And we reckon the singer-songwriter is only just getting started.