Escape | Northern Sweden's One-Of-A-Kind Arctic Bath

BY Brian Timmer / Oct 31 2019 / 12:49 PM

It's so much more than just a spa experience under the Northern Lights...

Escape | Northern Sweden's One-Of-A-Kind Arctic Bath
Rendering of the Arctic Bath Sweden

The unique Arctic Bath is a new boutique hotel and spa attraction taking reservations now for its opening in early 2020. 

With a location in northern Sweden near the cozy little village of Harads, a mere 50km south of the Arctic Circle, you know this is not your normal escape destination;  So if you've ever wanted a massage under the northern lights, this may be the best place to do it.

Like an ancient wooden crown rising up from the misty Luleriver, the inspired design of the Arctic Bath is a clever nod to the early timber floating era of the region, and a reminder of the important role forestry has played in the country.

The hotel and spa, which boasts of having a minimal environmental impact, will consist of a cold bath and spa area freely floating on the river in summer, and frozen in place during the chilly Arctic winters.


Just downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors, you can opt for one of 12 Scandi-chic styled rooms sitting either just over the frigid waters of the river or upon the icy shores; the Arctic Bath will be a year round hotel attraction targetting guests who enjoy the good things in life:  natural settings and fresh air; beautiful design; healthy, locally sourced foods; and general over-all well-being.


By implementing the 4 cornerstones of wellness: good nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, and care of the face & body as it's core function, the floating hotel and spa's primary concern will be on each guests well-being; catering to those looking for a healthy and rejuvenating escape.

Inside the spa, guests will be pampered head to toe using tailor-made natural products from Kerstin Florian, as well as all natural, organic and vegan skincare by ANDA.

Embrace the local Swedish coldbath culture if you dare, and plunge into the central pool of the beautiful and unique circular structure, with water temperatures in winter barely above zero degrees C; and if necessary guests can escape into the heat of the soothing and relaxing saunas located within the circular 'crown'. (It's necessary!)

To avail more information on the hotel and surrounding area, please visit the Arctic Bath website.