Watch | The Dermatologist-Approved Way To Fix Hyperpigmentation

BY Brian Timmer / Oct 2 2019 / 16:26 PM

In BAZAAR'S series 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali', the founder of LMS Wellness Dr Shawana Vali discusses all things cosmetic dermatology and medical well-being

Hyperpigmentation is number four of twelve info-beauty episodes in our 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali' series. In this exclusive Harper's Bazaar Arabia video, produced for our very own YouTubr Channel, Dr Vali shares her top tips on how to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation.

Excessive and patchy discolouration of the skin, or hyperpigmentation, is generally caused by an over production of melanin, which can simply be due to over exposure to the sun, skin inflammation or other such skin injuries, including some forms of acne.  Melanin, incidentally, is a naturally occurring pigment, the amount of which is determined through genetic factors, hence why some of us are fair skinned, dark skinned or somewhere in between.

WATCH the video above as Dr Vali discusses why this over production of melanin is more commonly found in people with darker skin tones and what can be done about it.

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