Cartier’s New [Sur]Naturel Collection Is A Lesson In Boldness And Fantasy

BY Sonia Sultan / Aug 3 2020 / 12:20 PM

Expressionism derived from nature is no new feat for the French luxury Maison

Cartier’s New [Sur]Naturel Collection Is A Lesson In Boldness And Fantasy

For years, the Maison's whimsical menagerie of magnificence has brought us iconic collections such as designer Jeanne Toussaint’s Indian-inspired Panthère collection from 1914 or Mexican actress María Fèlix’s foray (baby crocodile in tow) into the Paris flagship store in 1975 to commission a stunning 60.02 carat crocodile necklace.

Cartier’s latest high jewelry collection [Sur] Naturel takes inspiration from water, flora, and fauna, and seamlessly blends the boldness of the wild with escapist fantasy. The collection features diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires juxtaposed with opal and kunzite, coral, aquamarine, and beryl and quartz. A clever cosmic play of light and color enhances the vibrancy of the stones invoking an evocative power.

As with all their finest pieces, Cartier’s expert craftsmen create a dreamy effect with their mastership over the materials’ shades and colours. The rhythmic and asymmetrical designs of the [Sur]Naturel collection are achieved by unique setting techniques to create playful curves and effective weight distribution, making the designs both enigmatic and comfortable to wear.

Panthère Tropicale Timepiece

A standout piece in the collection is the Panthère Tropicale timepiece inspired by Toussaint’s love of Art Deco, sculpture, and India. Paying tribute to her preferred 'Tutti Frutti’ style, the watch is anchored in the stylistic history of the Maison and her love of brilliantly flamboyant color combinations.

Retaining the feline allure of the panther, the union of aquamarine, tourmaline, and coral on a gold cuff creates a soft feminine effect. The inclusion of coral is typical of the Maison’s risk-taking as it is notoriously fragile and requires the deft hand of a master gem-cutter to craft. The wraparound iconic panther fur of sparkly diamonds and dense textured black onyx complete this bold piece.

Hemis Diamond Necklace

Another stunning piece receiving the hyper-realized treatment is the Hemis diamond necklace. The panther’s fur receives a fresh, voluminous and colourful spin in this psychedelic masterpiece.

The asymmetrical beauty is centered around a 71.08-carat vibrant pink kunzite, while organically-shaped and seemingly haphazardly placed opals of varied colors surround the kunzite. The superior craftsmanship of this show-stopping necklace brings the design to life by creating an effect of pebbles on a riverbed.

Whilst the [Sur]Naturel line is not for the faint-hearted, the supernatural qualities and escape from reality offered by the exquisite pieces is something we are all in need of right now.

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