Talking To A K-Beauty Expert

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Feb 22 2020 / 11:04 AM

Laden with innovative ingredients and methods, K-Beauty rituals can be a little overwhelming to navigate which is why BAZAAR caught up with The Face Shop's training specialist Skye Nam to demystify K-Beauty rituals and products for your best complexion yet

Talking To A K-Beauty Expert

It's no secret that K-Beauty is the ultimate trend when it comes to skincare and beauty products. Known for merging efficiency with technology, Korean beauty offers accessible skincare solutions that are proven to work. 

Laden with innovative ingredients and methods, K-Beauty rituals can be a little overwhelming to navigate which is why BAZAAR caught up with The Face Shop's training specialist Skye Nam to uncover the leading K-Beauty brand's best products, secret hacks and tips for bringing out your best complxion to date. 

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: Why do you think Korean skincare has become so popular?

Skye Nam: Mainly it’s because Koreans are keen to maintain a natural-born flawless looking skin even without base makeup. Originally Koreans have relatively fair skin and when it's combined with the effort we take, it becomes an asset of our own in the cosmetic field. So when the world started to agree that Koreans have good skin condition, they started to focus on our skincare.

HBA: What do you think differentiates Korean skincare from other skincare?

SN: It’s based on the tendency of Koreans to look for a perfect skin. Normally the market standards follow the expectation of customers, and that eventually improves the general competitiveness of Korean skincare brands. So I am sure that the Korean Skincare Market is one of the leading markets in the world by applying the most advanced technology and the latest skincare trends.

HBA: What would you say is a typical Korean skincare routine?

SN: The very basic routine it consists of three steps and can be extended to five. I noticed that the 10-step Korean skincare routine is quite popular around the world but it doesn't mean Korean’s typical daily skincare routines reach that many steps. So I would say that basically Koreans are following a three-step routine that consists of  toner-emulsion-cream and can be summed up with a serum and an eye cream.

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NEW LAUNCH ALERT - Announcing the launch of our new antioxidant range - Green Natural Seed. The secret to nourished skin unveiled. GREEN SKINCARE WEEK - A 3 step skincare regime that will suit your skin throughout the year, irrespective of sesonal change! Wake up to nourished skin everyday :) STEP 1 -TONER- Start off with a hydrating toner that instantly absorbs into the skin, without leaving it sticky. Also helps in shrinking pores. STEP 2 - SERUM - Apply generously on skin to reverse sun damage. STEP 3 - Finish off with a cream rich in antioxidants, which leaves skin looking healthy and moisturized. إعلان منتجات جديدة - نعلن عن إصدار مجموعتنا الجديدة من مضادات الأكسدة: Green Natural Seed. نقدم إليكِ سر التمتع ببشرة حيوية ونضرة. الأسبوع الأخضر للعناية بالبشرة - روتين يومي للعناية بالبشرة من 3 خطوات يناسب بشرتكِ طوال السنة مهما كان الجو. احصلي على بشرة نضرة مع صباح كل يوم جديد (: الخطوة 1 – التونر: ابدئي مع تونر مرطب تمتصه البشرة في الحال ولا يترك أي بقايا لزجة على بشرتكِ، وهذا يساعد أيضاً في تصغير حجم المسام الواسعة. الخطوة 2 – السيروم: ضعي كمية وفيرة منه على بشرتكِ للحفاظ عليها من أشعة الشمس الضارة. الخطوة 3 – انتهي من روتين العناية بوضع كريم غني بمضادات الأكسدة لتتمتعي ببشرة صحية ومرطبة. #TheFaceShop #TheFaceShopUAE #TheFaceShopisCrueltyFree #Crueltyfreebeauty #CrueltyFreeSkincare #Beauty #KoreanBeauty #Kbeauty #greenseed

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HBA: As your products are all-natural and eco-friendly, would you classify them as clean beauty?

SN: I think it really depends on the definition of ‘clean beauty’. One of the most strict ways to define clean beauty is as ‘natural, organic and vegan’ and regarding that definition, we're not 100% vegan. However, I should say that The Face Shop tries to avoid harmful additives that are known to cause various diseases and minimize skin irritation, to deliver ‘the value of nature’ for our customers.

HBA: What are your favourite sheet masks from The Face Shop?

SN: Starting from my favorite among all, I would say the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing facial mask. I don't usually prefer deep nourishing textures, but my skin gets easily dehydrated. So for me, Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing facial mask is a perfect one for a deep moisturizing effect without any greasiness. Other than this, I also like the Real Nature Mask for a lightweight hydrating effect. This line is an all-round mask line for everyone that solves every type of skin concerns, and with reasonable prices.

Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Facial Mask, Dhs25 at The Face Shop

HBA: How many face-masks would you recommend doing a week?

SN: When we think of a face mask, we normally think of a functional one. So, based on that fact, I recommend to use one or two in a week. Using highly concentrated face masks every day is not a great idea, since an excess of skincare might irritate the skin.

HBA: Are you vegan or animal-cruelty free, and how?

SN: We are not 100% Vegan, but there are several sub-vegan lines among The Face Shop product lines, and we can claim we are a cruelty-free brand since our company does not conduct animal test.

HBA: What products would you recommend for dry skin?

SN: For dry skin, facial creams with deep moisturizing functions are a must. Skincare can be categorized into two steps, which are hydration and moisturization. Once you hydrate the skin with moisture factors, the moisture needs to be captured by a moisturizing barrier. Then, the facial cream is the one in charge of building a moisturizing barrier to protect moisture evaporation.

HBA: What are your favourite K-Beauty hacks?

SN: Did you know that you can actually utilize a watery serum as a face mask? All you need for this beauty tip is a cotton pad with multiple layers and a watery serum that can soak the cotton pad. If you feel that your skin is extraordinarily exhausted when you wake up in the morning but you've got no time to take extra care of it, use your lightweight serum as a quick face mask. Soak the formula in the cotton pad and leave it for like three to five minutes. It will definitely help to boost your skin. The important thing is not to choose a toner or serum which has alcohol ingredient.

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You probably think you have your skin care routine down, don't you? Cleanse, tone, moisturize, what more could there be? Well, if you haven’t added a face serum into the mix, you may be missing out. أنت تعتقدين أن نظامكِ للعناية بالبشرة يضم جميع المنتجات الضرورية التي تنظف البشرة وتوحد لونها وترطبها، أليس كذلك؟ حسناً هذا ليس صحيحاً، فعليكِ إضافة سيروم الوجه إلى نظامك اليومي حتى تحصلي على نتائج مذهلة #TheFaceShop #TheFaceShopUAE #TheFaceShopisCrueltyFree #Crueltyfreebeauty #CrueltyFreeSkincare #Beauty #KoreanBeauty #Kbeauty #didyouknow #serums

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