So This Is How Many Times You Should Brush Your Teeth A Day

BY Milli Midwood / May 20 2019 / 20:53 PM

Are you using a soft-bristled brush? Do you brush more than twice a day? Ahead, all your teeth cleaning questions answered

So This Is How Many Times You Should Brush Your Teeth A Day
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BAZAAR speaks to Park Avenue Clinic’s General Dentist Dr. Victoria Sole, who debunks all our teeth cleaning myths and shares her top tips for mouth maintenance. 

Is it true you should only brush your teeth twice a day?
We advise people to brush twice a day because this is easily achievable and will help clear the teeth of bacterial build up and food deposits. Some will chose to brush after every meal, though, which is also fine. 

Is it true that over-brushing strips your teeth of their natural minerals?
Unless you're brushing over 10 times a day with an extra hard brush, there is no harm in brushing frequently. The only 'natural minerals' sitting on your teeth are just bacteria, as our mouths are a playground for them. It takes high speed rotating diamonds to cut through the enamel in our teeth, so brushing a few times per day isn't going to damage the enamel, as long as you're brushing with a soft or extra soft brush.

So how many times a day should we brush?
Brushing after each meal is more than acceptable – I brush up to four or sometimes even five times! Some people also brush after a cup of coffee, bnut make sure you rinse out your mouth first, because coffee is quite acidic and it's better for your teeth to give them a quick rinse before brushing.  

What is the biggest misconception you hear about teeth brushing?
That it’s all we need to worry about and nothing else. Brushing is great, but it doesn’t reach 40-percent of where we need it to, which is why we need to floss between our teeth, whether it be with conventional floss or an air/water flosser. Flossing removes the bacteria residing between our teeth, bacteria that causes bleeding gums and holes to start between the teeth.

What the biggest mistake people make at home when it comes to mouth maintenance?
Using a medium or hard bristled tooth brush. Stick to a soft or even extra soft, to protect the soft tissue and reduce abrasion of the enamel. 

Top tips for future teeth brushing?
Buy a Philips Sonicare Airfloss. I'm not a huge advocate for electric toothbrushes, but investing in one of these is a game changer.

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