5 Travel-Size K-Beauty Products That Are Perfect For Your Next Vacation

BY Stephanie Carmona Fagundes / Feb 6 2020 / 09:53 AM

Because going on holiday should never mean ditching your skincare regimen

5 Travel-Size K-Beauty Products That Are Perfect For Your Next Vacation

K-Beauty brand, Missha is one of the most talked about South Korean cosmetic labels on the market, so naturally, BAZAAR has selected the top products that are perfect for taking on vacation. Holidays are all about fresh, natural and glowing skin, after all.


Pure Source Pocket Pack, Pomegranate

Pure Source Pocket Pack, Pomegranate, Dhs30

All that your skin needs after a long flight is something that gives its dewiness back, and this product has it. After washing the face on the last step of your skin care, whether you’re on a 15 hour flight or just arrived from a tiring trip, apply this wash off over the face for about 10 min and renew your beautiful skin.


Missha's Bee Pollen Renewal Kit

Missha's Bee Pollen Renewal Kit, Dhs100

This natural skincare product is on everyone's beauty list lately. Why? Because of its richness in proteins, vitamins and minerals that come straight from the nature's wonders.

This kit is a must we need to pack on our travel cosmetics bag. Especially when travelling to really dry places or perhaps paradisiac destinations where sun tanning is going to be part of our trip's daily rituals, and we know our skin can be vulnerable to get damaged by the sun.

Cleanse your face with Missha’s bee pollen renew handmade soap for a deeply nourishing of the damaged skin. Afterwards, apply Missha's bee pollen renew ampoule to brighten up the damaged skin. And to finish, spread their renew cream over your beautiful face to give a strengthen yet rich look to your skin. And voila! Glowing skin after days of sun.


Missha's Time Revolution Best Seller Trial Set

Missha's Time Revolution Best Seller Trial Set, Dhs120

Travel sizes to keep your daily skincare routines on the line and don't miss out on your facial care. With Missha's Time Revolution collection best-sellers give yourself a little treat and let it breath clean.

Start by cleaning up your face's pores and dead skin with their wipe off clean toner. Then apply the Intensive Moist to nurture your skin, and let it be dewier. To finish, before going to bed apply wisely over the face their Night Repair Borabit Ampoule serum and let it do its magical effects overnight. In the morning you'll kickoff the day with sleek and glowy skin.


Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF

Missha´s Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF, Dhs120

Nowadays we all know the importance of wearing our foundations and creams with SPF. Being daily exposed to lights of all kinds, tend to make our skins more prone to debilitating and starting to damage. Missha’s SPF42-included BB Creams are a go-to in our travel cosmetic bags.


Missha's Airy Fit Mask - Pomegranate

Missha's Airy Fit Mask - Pomegranate, Dhs30

On a ultra-long range flight and starting to feel the dryness and tiredness of the skin? This facial sheet mask is perfect to give back the elasticity, smoothness and dewiness of the skin to land on your dreamy destination with perfect and radiant skin. No one would even notice you've been on a super long flight – besides yourself.