Lebanon’s Top Wedding Planner On Dhs2.7 Million Dresses, Cakes With 3D Projection Mapping, How To Plan A Ceremony For 3,500 Guests

Toni Breiss, Wedding Planner, Best Wedding Planners, Most Extravagant Weddings
BAZAAR speaks to one of the region's most in-demand wedding planners, Paris-based Toni Breiss

If you haven't heard of Toni Briess, the Founder of Level by Toni Breiss Paris, chances are you've saved several of his wedding decor designs on Instagram and pinned plenty of dress inspo on Pinterest. Toni is based in Paris, but has a second office in Beirut, and a third in Riyadh. Ahead, we chat to one of the bridal industry's most prolific names to find out the ins and outs of some of his most extravagant weddings

Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia: How did you get into wedding planning?
Toni Breiss: I always had a love for events, gatherings, people, planning and hosting. I loved every minute of it and realised rather quickly that this was more than just a passion project. I knew then that I wanted to pursue this career with everything I had. I started in Paris and earned a master’s degree in hotel management, followed by an MBA in luxury marketing. I threw myself into the world of luxury and creativity and it got me to where I am today. When you’re a passion-driven person, your job automatically becomes your source of happiness.

HBA: What’s the best part of your job?
TB: Being able to transform my clients’ dreams into reality for one magical night.

HBA: What’s the most stressful part of your job?
TB: To come up with new concepts and designs, trying to always be innovative and to always stand out from the crowd whilst always maintaining the level of luxury and finesse in each and every event.

HBA: What is the most expensive wedding dress you’ve seen?
TB: The first was by Elie Saab. The dress had a price tag of Dhs2.7 million. The second was a Dhs1.8 million gown from Zuhair Murad.

HBA: What’s the most extravagant cake from a wedding that you’ve planned?
TB: A wedding in Lebanon had a cake with 3D projection mapping on it.

HBA: What’s the largest wedding party of a wedding you’ve planned?
TB: It was in Abu Dhabi and there were 3,500 guests. We built a huge tent in the middle of the desert and created a fantasy dream wedding. It was a magical night.

HBA: A quote you live by?
TB: It’s not about creating luxury, it’s about perfecting excellence.



Toni Breiss, Wedding Planner, Best Wedding Planners, Most Extravagant Weddings