Sole DXB Is Going Digital

BY Athwifa Saleem / Jul 22 2020 / 08:10 AM

The festival launched their mixed media online platform, but still have big plans to connect various communities through creativity and culture during these unprecedented times

Sole DXB Is Going Digital
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Founded in 2010, Sole Dubai has been a focal platform in bridging various communities through creativity and culture.

Over the years the grassroots organization has built a steadily growing community through its annual Sole DXB cultural festival, which saw over 36,000 people from more than 60 countries attend the eighth annual edition in December 2019.

Aiming to be the welcoming platform for global contributors to express their take on contemporary culture,’s content inclusive of essays, interviews, film, photography, podcasts and other formats will be derived from contributors that represent a diverse group of women and men from around the globe such as  UAE, USA, UK, South Africa, Jamaica, France, Canada, and Turkey. features especial coverage on music, fashion, the visual arts, and sports, whilst shedding light on dire social issues like race, sustainability, and the environment.

The Inherited Scale, Sole Digital

The founders expect the website to grow into a leading connector of creativity and commerce, jostling for a global audience, they hope to lean on their deep international roster of relationships to continue advocating stories from the Middle East, India, Africa, the Caribbean, and their diasporas.

“ is a natural extension of our storytelling and has been on the cards for a while. Historically, we travel a lot and meet people in their own cities, which then translates into our print magazine and festival. We’re now using the platform to build new relationships, hear more points-of-view, and start conversations on the issues that are important to us," Sole co-founder, Joshua Cox, said.

"We’ll keep expanding our community and do what we’ve always done…using our platforms to showcase creative excellence and bringing you our view on the very best in contemporary culture.” 

The website aims to be the primary space where audiences can watch never-before-seen festival content from previous Sole DXB editions, including workshops, performances, and standing-room only talks. 

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