Cultural Space NeueHouse Launches Third Branch In Downtown LA

BY Athwifa Saleem / Mar 25 2020 / 18:10 PM

The cultural space for creators, innovators and thought leaders, has launched its third branch, designed by DesignAgency, in Downtown Los Angeles’ oldest pop culture landmark: the iconic Bradbury Building

Cultural Space NeueHouse Launches Third Branch In Downtown LA
Courtesy of NeueHouse
Interior view of NeueHouse Bradbury

NeueHouse, known amongst the creative communities as a cultural hub, aims to provide a platform for discourse and discovery, to advance ideas and conversations, creating powerful shared moments. A private space where members can create, collaborate, host, connect and be a part of the contemporary conversations shaping cultural landscapes – NeueHouse is a story best told through the live experience, which consists of thought-provoking programming, realised through talks, events and workshops. 

The private workspace has joined hands with the iconic Bradbury building, an architectural landmark and Los Angeles’ very first commercial building – renowned for its picturesque elevators and unique story structure with ornate ironwork, sky-lit walkways and bird cage treasures.

The unassuming façade opens into an inspiring, sun-drenched atrium that invites wonder and curiosity, making this the most appropriate space for Neuehouse’s third flagship location, following the locations in Hollywood and Madison Square in New York.

Interior view of NeueHouse Bradbury

“I fell in love right away with Bradbury’s expansive and deeply evocative interior atrium with its sense of materiality and texture, especially with how the light changes throughout the day in the atrium,” expresses Josh Wyatt, CEO of NeueHouse. 

“The Bradbury Building itself is a microcosm of Downtown LA – it has had its grand times, some hard times, and a resurrection. We love the story of the new, and we also love a story of a rebirth. The NeueHouse Bradbury is a little bit of both.”

Interior view of NeueHouse Bradbury

NeueHouse has collaborated with world-renowned DesignAgency to craft a thorough narrative for their third space which balances the architectural history of the Bradbury building with a sense of warmth, light and sensuality, resulting in a truly incredible and a wonderful testament to the art of repurposing a historic, architectural gem for the future needs of the creative class.

“The NeueHouse model blends the idea of hospitality, social club and workspace all into one, requiring a refined and sophisticated environment that's conducive to the tastes of creative professionals,” remarks the founding partner of DesignAgency, Anwar Mekhayech.

“In response to its rich visual history and its bold character, we decided to add a new layer that is modern and fresh, with soft and graceful flourishes, the result being a uniquely modern and elegant workspace with a soft palette and ethereal vibe that is ideally suited to the creative professional.”

View of the meeting spaces in NeueHouse Bradbury

The aesthetic of the space plays on elements of light, juxtaposing the building’s darker masculine interior with the surroundings, with texture being the key element for most of the furniture pieces to ground the experience. The colour palette plays on a sense of ethereality with the usage of light oranges, yellows, purples and pinks which are balanced by the strong natural oak flooring.

“The highlight of the space is seeing the historic components of Bradbury, such as the original brick fireplaces, juxtaposed with our design that plays on this sense of ethereal beauty,” expresses Wyatt.

With versatility being a key feature in accommodating the range of programming needs and blending hospitality, a social club and workspace all into one, the space has been designed as such that the meeting rooms can also be used for private dinners and events, and a series of four lounges positioned around the second floor mezzanine can be used for lectures, art shows and meetings.

Communal space in NeueHouse Bradbury

NeueHouse is also home to an art council consisting of industry experts such as art consultant Donna Chu and Vice President of Cultural Programming, Meredith Rogers, who curate a regular rotation of contemporary art installations. The gallery workspace displays artwork by Los Angeles-based artists Carmen Argote and Sayre Gomex and also includes sculptures by artist Steve Hash. 

“For us, an exciting moment in designing the space was drawing the connection to the late great still photographer Stephen Vaughan's Blade Runner photography,” says Mekhayech.  “In homage to this cultural heritage, we integrated a permanent collection of Vaughan’s never before seen large-scale photography from the original film set in 1981 into space and carefully selected furniture and lighting from a range of local and international designers to bring some element of art to the space.”

Communal space in NeueHouse Bradbury

The lighting for the space was sourced from New York-based manufacturers Rich Brilliant Willing and London-based Tom Dixon, and custom-made furniture by famed Irish manufacturer Orior.

NeueHouse’s expansion to the Bradbury Building is further evidence of its early vision of enabling the ambitions of its diverse, dynamic and esteemed community and is reflective of how the brand continues to push culture forward by enabling today’s most innovative thought leaders to create and develop new ideas together.

Images courtesy of NeueHouse

From the Spring 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Interiors