Everything You Need To Know About The New Hermès Home Collection

BY Sharvari Alape / Jun 17 2020 / 09:00 AM

With warm tones, complementing shades, high functionality and depth in designs, the French maison's latest collection for the home features an array of furniture and accessories with its signature authenticity and smoothly incorporated functional elements

Everything You Need To Know About The New Hermès Home Collection
Tropical swim wall decor by Kevin Lucbert

With warm tones, complementing shades, high functionality and depth in designs, Hermès' latest home collection features an array of furniture and accessories with its signature authenticity and smoothly incorporated functional elements.

The tenth collection of Hermès furnishing fabrics and wallpapers developed by new designers is riddled with poetic compositions and an invitation for contemplative reveries within its formats.

With the use of a ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen, coloured pencil and watercolour among others, sincere expressions of a yearning reconciliation between city and nature are vividly articulated with intricate patterns on the textiles and paper.

Les Trotteuses d’Hermès Side tables

"The inspiration when it comes to a home collection is based on wellbeing and storytelling, meaning everything is designed to give our customers a new opportunity to decorate their home with drawings bearing the values of poetry, beauty and singularity," says Florence Lafarge, the Creative Director of Hermès Home Textiles.

"This year, we offer drawings highlighting the sensitivity to nature and the environment, to the beauty of the elements, the vegetation but also a reflection on the adequacy between urban and nature."

Display of Sur les toits by Thibaut Rassat, Les Gouttes by Louis Boquin and H losange in three colours by Anne Roussel and Veronika Wildgruber 

This range also introduces the chair designed by Jasper Morrison in 1997 for the convent of La Tourette, in a set of three – namely the armchair, chair and table. Fashioned from a single piece of wood, the seemingly unassuming set radiates sophisticated simplicity and reveals the complexity of carefully crafted furniture upon closer inspection.

For those looking to be a little adventurous, the minimalist elegance of Hippodrome d'Hermès coffee table created by French design duo Normal Studio, featuring rectangular tabletop with contoured aircraft wing edges, offers structured refinement with the functionality of extra storage space.

Chair of the set designed Jasper Morrison

The need for a change of setting does not necessitate a complete makeover. With that in mind, the collection offers delectable pieces with captivating designs as a beautiful addition to spruce up your place in a subtle style.

The colourful Les Trotteuses d'Hermès side tables of three different sizes with decorated porcelain tops is as pleasing on the eyes as it is to assimilate around the house.

Table of the set designed by Jasper Morrison

"The creative process comes from the subject or the theme that we want to work with each year. For example, Thibaut Rassat, an architect by training, embarked on a completely new path for himself that of continuous wallpaper he had never done any before," shares Lafarge.

"Leaving our studios, he did a great tour of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district and returned the following week with sketches, the result of special attention to this typical Parisian environment. From this was created the drawing Quatre Cavaliers, adding to these architectural drawings a chessboard and its riders, symbols of Hermes' affection for the game and horses."

Manège Centerpieces and change trays

The collection offers a pictorial journey within the walls of your home as the Tropical swim wall décor wallpaper captures the soothing presence of water along with the mesmerising scene of colourful mountains beyond the window and free-spirited florae.

From Aqua rosa's hypnotising chevrons harmonised into large florals to alleys and rooftops of a vibrant city brought to life with four colours in Quatre Cavaliers, there will be no escape from the dilemma of deciding on one.

Quatre Cavaliers Stylobate by Thibaut Rassat

For those seeking equally eloquent patterns, albeit with a muted mix of colours: Sur les toits' rich watercolours intricately details the nooks and shadows of terraces reminiscent of a Mediterranean town that undoubtedly holds tales of many forgotten family dinners and unforgettable conversations.

Filled with landscapes of mountains and islands with tiny houses amid the flowing traffic and the emblematic horse-drawn carriage is Cité Archipel, signalling an idyllic world full of life with nature and human establishments.

"Textures, materiality of fabrics are also strong fields of expression, each fabric in addition to being graphic offers a hand, a fall, a function, seat or curtain specific," Lafarge adds.

Kala vase

The Clamp Dye plaids of handwoven cashmere in six combinations of patterns and colours could be the finishing touch needed, while the rectangular-shaped Kala vase with centre-aligned oak handle becomes the object of admiration among guests.

From the wall-mounted organiser and detailed games table to delicately embroidered rugs and charming wooden boxes with leather marquetry, options to accessorise the house are plenty. The tasteful pieces lined against the backdrop of a poetic narrative is set to create a lively environment with added intensity.

As Lafarge concludes, "It's an ode to contemplation, the idea that essential beauty is everywhere, in a flower, a landscape, a stroll, a sunset, each fabric becomes a narrative to decorate one's home, a decorative space, an imaginary break graphic and colourful." hermes.com

Images courtesy of Hermès