Introducing Dubai Henna: The UAE’s First Online Organic Henna Shop

BY Aneri Shah / Jun 30 2020 / 11:30 AM

Time to kiss those nasty synthetic dyes goodbye...

Introducing Dubai Henna: The UAE’s First Online Organic Henna Shop

The art of henna is practiced across the globe for cultural and religious purposes. An intricate skill many have adopted it, creating their own unique designs. The founder of Dubai Henna, Safa Munafer wants to make organic henna readily available for everyone.

Soon after Munafer moved to Dubai, she came across a lot of salons using chemically fabricated henna for their clients. The idea came about when she noticed that they add unsafe chemically fabricated henna for their clients to make the henna develop color quicker and darker. Originally made out of natural ingredients, some brands have infused theirs with harmful and sometimes toxic substances. Dubai Henna specializes in providing organic henna products that use 100% safe and accredited ingredients.

Munafer had the vision to serve the artistic community with innovative body art products while globally supporting the henna community. As a henna artist herself, she saw potential within the artistic community of a one-stop-shop for your authentic and innovative henna products and trends in the market.

Some of these trends, include an increased popularly for offbeat varieties, like the organic Jagua henna, which leaves a black stain, and is made out of ingredients like Genipa Americana fruit juice, henna powder and USDA-certified Lavandula angustifolia oil. The outcome has the appearance of a black tattoo. Dubai Henna is also known to be the only supplier of premium waterproof White Henna and Organic Jagua (black) Henna in the Middle East.

With authentic products and attractive luxury packaging, Dubai Henna has brought a different perspective to the henna community and has gained numerous positive reviews from its customers worldwide.

Individuals who love body art can now book their henna services or purchase exclusive henna products from the website

Lead image courtesy of Instagram/dubaihennabysara

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