Anya Hindmarch’s New Bag Is The Only Plastic Bag We Ever Want To Carry

BY Rohma Theunissen / Feb 18 2020 / 14:18 PM

Developed after two years of research, each tote within the I Am A Plastic Bag collection is made from a canvas-like fabric woven from 32 recycled plastic bottles

Anya Hindmarch’s New Bag Is The Only Plastic Bag We Ever Want To Carry

13 years after her I'm Not A Plastic Bag project, innovative British accessories designer Anya Hindmarch takes a sustainable stance once again with her latest new project aptly named, I AM A Plastic Bag which comes with the launch of a sustainability-focused, limited-edition handbag collection made entirely out of recycled plastic.

The collection consists of sleek totes made of a luxe, cotton canvas feel fabric which was developed after two years of extensive research. The totes are woven using yarn created from 32 half litre bottles which are sorted, shredded, washed and turned into pellets which are then melted and extruded to create the fibres. A weather resistant coating made from recycled PVB extracted from old car windshields is added finally trimmed using responsibly sourced leather. The brand has partnered up with global climate change consultancy EcoAct to ensure the carbon neutrality of the project.

The I Am A Plastic Bag collection takes forth Anya Hindmarch’s ground-breaking I'm Not A Plastic Bag campaign which she launched in 2007 in collaboration with advertising agency Antidote and social change movement Shift. The limited-edition, sell-out reusable canvas tote came out at the vanguard of the anti-plastic movement and was created in response to the growing environmental challenge posed by single-use plastic bags in order to inspire people to take a small step towards changing their daily habits.

Fast-forward 13 years and the conversations surrounding the topics of sustainability and the deteriorating environment have acquired a tone of unprecedented urgency and the message is clear: we need to take action now; and Anya Hindmarch is committed. To demonstrate the devastating extent of single-use plastic consumption, any Hindmarch has closed all their London stores for three days during London Fashion Week and filled each of them with over 90,000 used plastic bottles instead. This astounding figure actually represents the actual number of plastic bottles that are purchased globally every six seconds. Do the math and that number transforms into 54 million bottles within an hour and 1.3 billion within a day. Something to think about.

"Since our 2007 I’m NOT a Plastic Bag project, I have not been able to get these words out of my head.   The problem of single use plastic and landfill is far from over, however the mission has shifted from simply being about the ‘awareness’ of using less plastic, to being more about the ‘circularity’ of the use of materials in the supply chain. That is why I have spent the last 2 years developing I AM A Plastic Bag,” said Anya Hindmarch. “When you throw something away, there is no away.”

I Am A Plastic Bag collection is available for purchase at Anya Hindmarch and NET-A-PORTER.