Exclusive | The Interview: Kendall Jenner On Being The Face Of Liu Jo's #Bornin1995 Campaign

BY Rohma Theunissen / Feb 19 2020 / 17:52 PM

In an exclusive interview, BAZAAR caught up with Kendall Jenner to ask her about her collaboration with Liu Jo, turning 25 and her biggest achievements

Exclusive | The Interview: Kendall Jenner On Being The Face Of Liu Jo's #Bornin1995 Campaign
Liu Jo

Italian fashion brand Liu Jo is celebrating 25 years in the fashion industry with a brand new campaign starring 25-year-old supermodel, Kendall Jenner. The playful campaign, aptly named #Bornin1995, pays homage to the past by embracing the year of Liu Jo’s debut and looks forward on this milestone anniversary to introduce the brand’s new communication system that speaks in a language that resonates with Generation Z.

Kendall, who was also born in 1995, perfectly encapsulates the story of the brand. At 25, Kendall’s magnetic charm and multifaceted personality have enabled her to become an undisputed contemporary icon, with an effortlessly “cool” allure that likens her to Liu Jo’s previous brand ambassador, Kate Moss. From Kate to Kendall, the shift seems natural and fluid, setting clear the tone for Liu Jo’s future: #Bornin1995, but ready to rise to the challenge of the future.

In an exclusive interview, BAZAAR caught up with Kendall Jenner to ask her about #Bornin1995, turning 25 and her biggest achievements.

Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia: You have worked with many fashion brands over time. What makes this collaboration particular collaboration stand out?

Kendall Jenner: I have always been a fan of Liu Jo and what they stand for through femininity and empowerment. When the opportunity presented itself it seemed like a perfect fit. I feel honoured to work with this brand and be the face of Liu Jo for this very special 25th Anniversary!

HBA:  How does it feel to become the face of a brand that was previously fronted by some of the industry’s biggest names, including Kate Moss?
KJ: To say I am excited is an understatement! Working with Liu Jo and following in the footsteps of such celebrated icons/models is a true honor.

HBA: How would you describe Liu Jo to someone who is not familiar with the brand?
Chic, feminine, and empowering.

HBA: Liu Jo has a ‘glam chic’ and as well as a ‘glam rock’ side. Which of these would you say resonates most with you?
It’s hard to say! I think it depends on my mood but I definitely identify with both.

HBA: A 25th birthday is a perfect occasion to take account of your life. What achievement are you most proud of?
It’s hard to say really, I feel lucky to have worked with and continue working with such amazing creatives that have influenced my career along the way. It’s definitely been a lot of work but I’ve learned so much and am grateful for all the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met.

HBA: What is your biggest wish for this year?
My wish for my birthday this year is to be surrounded by my loved ones!

HBA: Tell us, how did your modelling career begin? And what has been the most valuable lesson that you have learned?
I’ve always had a passion for photography and enjoyed being in front of the camera. From a young age I immersed myself in photography books and as I learned more about the directorial aspect of photography my passion grew even stronger. The most valuable lesson I learned from modelling is about being dedicated and a hard work ethic, how to be self-sufficient and independent.

HBA: What is your relationship with social media and how important has it been for your career?
I think social media is important for your career, but at the same time giving yourself a chance to take a break from it is equally important. A gift and a curse, it’s beneficial to many careers as it gives you a platform but can also be a dangerous game if you are looking to social media for validation. I support social media as long as it is used in a healthy way.

HBA: How do you juggle your job with travel and personal life?
It is always a dance! Over the past 2 years I have worked a lot harder to schedule my life in a way that will make me very happy. It’s all about balance. It’s not always easy but I find myself happier when I have a good work/life balance.

HBA: What would you say is the secret to your success?
I don’t really think there is a secret to success, I think it’s more about being dedicated, hardworking and passionate about what you want to achieve.

HBA: What does authenticity mean to you? Do you feel a responsibility towards the youth the follows you?
I always want to encourage people to be the best version of themselves and be true to who they are. I never want anyone to feel like they have to be something or someone they aren’t. Authenticity is about being real and genuine, being different is what makes us all individuals and that’s what makes us unique in our own way. Parents instill morals in their children but I do I feel responsible for being the best version of myself and putting that out there. The important part is learning from your mistakes and growing from them.

HBA: How does it feel to be a part of one of the world’s most famous families? 
I feel lucky to have a supportive and loving family. I count my blessings every day that we all love and support each other in both our personal and professional lives.

HBA:  What it was like growing up in the spotlight?
I lived a relatively normal upbringing considering my family’s life in the spotlight. My parents did a great job raising us and creating a loving environment. My childhood and teenage years were filled with school, cheerleading and hanging out with friends.

HBA: Who are your style icons?
My grandmother MJ and my mom! A lot of my inspiration for style I find online and from my friends or people I surround myself with. I’ve found Tumblr is also a great place to go for style inspiration as well.

HBA: Sustainability is a major topic in the industry today. How important is it to you?
Living an eco-friendly lifestyle affects everyone on the planet so anything we can do as humans to help lower our carbon footprint not only helps the environment but also our future.
I consciously make an effort to use as little plastic as possible and try to find sustainable alternatives to my every day routine.

HBA: Last question, what is your favourite piece from the #Bornin1995 collection?
Everything fits so well and is very comfortable. I loved the sequin silver dress.

All images courtesy of Liu Jo