Burberry's New Augmented Reality Search Lets You Try Before You Buy

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Feb 28 2020 / 10:14 AM

The service uses Google Search technology to create a new shopping experience

Burberry's New Augmented Reality Search Lets You Try Before You Buy

Exciting news for the tech-savvy fashion lovers out there: Burberry has teamed up with Google Search to create a new and immersive shopping experience with Augmented Reality (AR). Now when shoppers search for a Burberry handbag, they have the option to view the product in 3D, right in the comfort of their own homes.

burberry AR

Objects are scaled to size and shown over the real-world environment, which means that buyers can get an accurate sense of what the product would like in reality. The idea is that the shopper can compare the product to their existing wardrobe, just as they would in-store. According to Burberry’s press release: “The inspiration phase of the decision to purchase is becoming increasingly important for luxury consumers.” The service is currently usable only in the US and UK, but will become available worldwide in the near future.

This isn’t the first time the British luxury brand has experimented with cutting edge technology. At the launch of their flagship store in Tokyo, a special event allowed visitors to activate QR codes to find hidden Burberry deer with AR. Last year, Dior used AR to allow Instagram followers to try on their sunglasses. As luxury and mainstream retailers alike innovate with virtual reality, the next stop on your shopping spree could be your sofa.

Images courtesy of Instagram/Burberry and Burberry.