All The Hilarious Posts From Kylie Jenner's 'Rise And Shine'

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 20 2019 / 09:34 AM

Three words: rise and shine.

All The Hilarious Posts From Kylie Jenner's 'Rise And Shine'

Another Kardashian-Jenner has broken the Internet again. Are we even surprised?

22-year-old self-made billonnaire, Kylie Jenner, has the Internet in an uproar after uploading her office tour video. Not because Twitter and Instagram were obsessed with her office-decor or furniture, but because of her revealed singing abilities. As the celeb walks us through Kylie Cosmetics HQ, she stops by her adorable daughter Stormi's room and serenades her with a song. Those three lyrics went viral. Ultimately because of the unique singing technique that our former cover-star used (and by that, we mean no technique or tone was involved).

"Rise and Shine" suddenly blew up on all social media platforms and of course, the Internet being the Internet, gave the weirdest and best memes. Whether they were roasts from fans or people just genuinely confused as to what pitch Kylie was holding in this rendition, the Internet was not merciful. 

But Kylie being Kylie, responded by laughing at herself and taking the jokes as a joke. She's even changed her Instagram bio to "rise and shine." It's not just an original song anymore, but almost a movement. This Kardashian-Jenner meme epidemic almost beats that time Kim Kardashian was taking camera selfies while her sister Khloe was being sent to jail. Never a dull moment with this celebrity family, that's for sure. Just as they gave us entertaining reality TV, major fashion-inspo and great makeup products - they've also given us some of the funniest memes.

BAZAAR has rounded up all the best reactions to Kylie's clip from Twitter and Instagram. Scroll through for the best wake-up call you can get this morning...

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Kylie Jenner's latest top-charting hit "Rise and Shine" was even turned into merch by the infamous boss-woman herself, Kris Jenner.

Iconic. I'll be setting my alarm ringtone from now on to "Rise and Shine."