This Is How Much Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Are Actually Worth

BY Kasia Truscott / Nov 20 2019 / 09:16 AM

The online presence of the Duchess' ranks them as two of the most powerful social media personalities in the world

This Is How Much Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Are Actually Worth

The British royal family are some of the most talked about personalities out there - whether they're still out riding horses at 93 years old or launching their own fashion collections, we're fascinated by almost everything they do. And of course, everything they wear. 

Notably, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's impeccable sense of style has only served to strenghten their sphere of influence. Take for instance that time Meghan wore a pair of jeans for a royal engagement last year, causing such a stir as people flocked to copy the Duchess' fashionable taste that, per reports by The Daily Mail, the small Welsh denim company that had produced the jeans were forced to move to a bigger factory to cope with its three-month waiting list.

Now that's power. 

So how much are the fashionable royal women actually worth online? Well, The London Institute of Photography has recently analysed every single picture of the two Duchess' found within the past year, and found that Kate and Meghan have collectively generated an astounding influencer value of $2.4 million (approximately Dhs8.8 million). This places the royals among some of the world’s most powerful online personalities.

Researchers collected and analysed data from six fashion accounts on Instagram (each with a specific focus on the royal family), and gathered a total of 281 photos of the Duchess of Sussex, producing a total of 3.8 million likes. Meanwhile, 161 pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge were found, which gathered a total of 1.79 million likes.

Per Vanity Fairlead researcher Damon Culbert said, "The royals are talked about all the time and we wanted to see how they relate to social media and fashion." He went on to explain that while both women were significantly powerful influences online, it was Meghan who "came out on top".

"It's her first year as a royal and it has been a very busy year with a marriage and the birth of Archie," Culbert explained. "It goes to show that the Duchess of Sussex’s online presence is highly valuable to audiences around the world."