Kim Kardashian Just Threw Kris Jenner The Most Epic Birthday Surprise

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 6 2019 / 17:15 PM

No one puts on a birthday bash like a Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Just Threw Kris Jenner The Most Epic Birthday Surprise

When it comes to a Kardashian celebration, you’d think by now that it were virtually impossible for them to top what they did the previous year. Cue Kim Kardashian.

The former BAZAAR cover star threw mum Kris Jenner the most epic birthday surprise, which she recounted over Twitter this morning to her 62 million followers.

“Today we celebrate my mom. Anyone that knows her, knows how sentimental she is,” Kim wrote. “For her birthday I planned a small lunch, with just her kids and her closest friends of 40 + years. I sent out invites with a location where we all met. When everyone arrived, I told them I had a surprise and this wasn’t where we would be eating.”

She went on to share a video of the surprise: the KKW Beauty founder had rented out the family’s childhood home for the day.

“All of our memories live here especially with our dad. It’s where each Kardashian child was born & made us who we are. Growing up, the home had the most ridiculous wallpaper & kitchen set! I remade all of our table settings out of the same fabric & print as the wallpaper,” she explained.

Kim continued to depict the events throughout the day, which included everything from a family lunch in their old kitchen to recreating Kris Jenner’s old license plate.