Emmy-Nominated Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ordon On Dubai Clients, Anti-Aging And The Most Referenced Celebrity Face

BY Rohma Theunissen / Oct 27 2019 / 15:24 PM

One of Hollywood's most sought-after surgeons shares the details of his Dubai practice...

Emmy-Nominated Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ordon On Dubai Clients, Anti-Aging And The Most Referenced Celebrity Face

Once the sole reserve of the A-list, plastic surgery is now as commonplace as eyelash extensions. The surge in demand for cosmetic procedures can be widely attributed to the rise of social media, of which consumption rates are skyrocketing. The latest studies show that the average person spends over two hours a day scrolling through their social-media feed, while with teens, this number comes closer to an enormous nine hours. Being so over-exposed to the airbrushed, filtered and Facetuned images online has inherently shifted our fundamental notions of beauty, with more people than ever before turning to plastic surgery to achieve flawlessness. It comes as no surprise, then, that the increasing demand for advanced plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is formidable.

We sat down with Emmy-nominated celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon from the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Dubai to talk about plastic surgery trends and beauty ideals in the region.

Dr. Andrew Ordon

Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia: You launched the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Dubai earlier this year. How would you describe your Middle Eastern clients?

Dr. Ordon: The Dubai experience over the past year has been remarkable. I personally have treated many wonderful patients. Their experience has been nothing but positive. My Middle Eastern clients are savvy, sophisticated and beauty and fashion conscious. They are warm and engaging and know what they want.

HBA: What are the most requested treatments in your Dubai practice?

DO: Most requested treatments are facelifts, rhinoplasty, lip lifts and body contouring procedures. It’s interesting, these are also the most requested procedures in my Beverly Hills practice.

HBA: The Kardashians have had a massive cultural impact in recent times, and have redefined beauty ideals. Is this trend still going strong?

DO: The Kardashian effect continues to be a strong influence in the aesthetic industry. It impacts our entire field. Smooth wrinkle-free skin and full, curvy figures. They are good for business.

Bella Hadid

HBA: What celebrity face is most referenced amongst your UAE patients?

DO: Bella Hadid's photo pops up all the time. My patients want those lips, nose and skin.

HBA: When it comes to anti-aging and preventative treatments, at what age do you recommend women start looking into them?

DO: You need to get started on an anti-aging routine now, at any age. Start with a good skin care regimen, cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and protection from the sun. Start using a Retinol-based product. Consider Botox, fillers, facials, laser and Radiofrequency tightening to keep aging at bay.


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HBA: Speaking of treatments, can you tell us about a new procedure that you are most excited about?

DO: I am most excited about Vasar High Definition Liposculpting for both the face and body. It removes unwanted fat, repositions fat, and tightens up facial and body skin.

The Beverly Hills Sunset Sunset Surgery Center International (BHSSCI) is located at City Walk in Dubai. for more information visit bhssc.ae