Prada Has Recreated Their Signature Nylon Bag Made From Plastic Bottles

BY Delara Zand / Jun 25 2019 / 19:39 PM

Their latest range of bags employs recycled ocean plastic

Prada Has Recreated Their Signature Nylon Bag Made From Plastic Bottles

Greenpeace estimates that 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year. The fashion industry is undeniably a key contributor, responsible for over a third of microplastics found in our waters. Fortunately, Prada just became the latest in a string of brands committing to save our oceans. 

The Italian luxury maison is widely known for having glamorised nylon, giving it status as a luxury material, with a legacy of nylon bags and garments dating back to the '80s. The nylon backpack has become emblematic of the fashion house. Increasing public awareness of environmental damage and high consumer demand for a more ethical and socially conscious fashion industry has led Prada to launch the Re-Nylon project. They'll be dropping a capsule collection of bags in the brand's iconic silhouettes, but made from a sustainable alternative to nylon. The new material, called Econyl, is a regenerated nylon crafted from fishing nets, textiles and other plastic waste collected and recycled from the oceans. However much the synethic fabric is recycled, it won't lose its quality. 

The range comprises six unisex, classic styles to suit your every need: backpacks, a duffle, a fanny pack, a shoulder bag and a tote, all crafted from eco-friendly materials. They bear a reinvented Prada logo that’s a nod to the circular economy. The Italian label also adds that a portion of the sales will go towards a sustainability-related UNESCO project. 

The capsule collection is the first step in Prada's wider and more long-term mission: to replace all their virgin nylon with Econyl by the end of 2021. In another move towards sustainability, the fashion house announced last month that they intend to phase out fur by 2020.

With the general current in the fashion industry now seeing luxury labels swapping non-biodegradable materials for sustainable alternatives and investing in more eco-friendly production processes, Prada's decision to use Econyl follows that of brands like Stella McCartney, Gucci and Adidas

Lorenzo Bertelli, Head of Marketing and Communication at Prada Group, said in a statement: "This project highlights our continued efforts towards promoting a responsible business. This collection will allow us to make our contribution and create products without using new resources."