Interview: The Founder Of The Luxury Closet On Sustainable Fashion, Vintage Treasures and Luxury

BY Tabitha Glaysher / Nov 17 2019 / 11:31 AM

Harper's BAZAAR sat down with the founder of The Luxury Closet, Kunal Kapoor, to talk about all things sustainability, vintage and, of course, our top picks from the sites luxury vintage pieces

Interview: The Founder Of The Luxury Closet On Sustainable Fashion, Vintage Treasures and Luxury
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With fast, disposable garments becoming an increasing problem within the fashion industry, consumers and proffessionals alike are looking to find a more sustainable way of shopping. Enter The Luxury Closet, whose output is exactly what it says on the tin. From multi-million Dirham Harry Winston pieces to rare #OldCeline finds, eco-friendly vintage shopping needn't induce musings of oddly scented furs and musty cable knits. Read on for BAZAAR's top vintage finds and the founder, Kunal Kapoor's thoughts on this booming industry.

Piaget Diamond Bangle By The Luxury Closet

BAZAAR's Top Picks

Piaget Possession Diamond 18k Rose Gold Open Bangle Bracelet


Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: Your team has grown exponentially from three to eighty – what do you think is the basis for this blossoming second hand market?

Kunal Kapoor: The growth of the second-hand market is a worldwide phenomenon. First, the digitisation of the pre-owned business model has helped alleviate the second-hand customers' main paint points by streamlining the processes and offering a seamless end-to-end experience whilst guaranteeing authenticity and transparency. With the rise of social media, luxury consumers are exposed to constantly changing styles which foster a desire of change and continuous experimentation. Third, the luxury consumer's mindset has been shifting towards a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle, resulting in a greater appreciation of the timeless craftsmanship of pre-owned luxury goods. Finally, as younger consumers value more and more experiences then consumer goods, the resale segment has offered them an alternative to expensive luxury by giving them access to pre-owned luxury at fair value for money.

Harry Winston Diamond Watch By The Luxury Closet

BAZAAR's Top Picks

Harry Winston Diamond and Platinum Ice Flow Womens Wristwatch 


HBA: We live in a region that arguably celebrates fast, luxury fashion – how do you think you’re changing perceptions of how we buy and value luxury fashion?

KK: We are demystifying luxury fashion by making it more widely available to aspiring consumers at fair market value. We have also made it less timeless in terms of style statement but more valued in terms of long-lasting craftsmanship. One or two times 1st hand/cost conscious luxury buyers can shift and become regular 2nd hand buyers due to a better perceived price-quality ratio whereas regular 1st hand buyers consider more and more the resale value of their 1st hand luxury purchase before buying it.

Miu Miu Vintage Heels Black Croc Luxury Closet

BAZAAR's Top Picks

Miu Miu Black Croc Embossed Patent Leather Double Strap Pointed Toe Slide Mules


HBA: What do you feel are the most sought-after items pursued by your consumers on The Luxury Closet?

KK: On a broad scale, some of the most sought-after items are classics from brands that never discount such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, Bvlgari, Van Cleef and Arpels etc. Some examples include: Van Cleef Sweet Alhambra, Louis Vuitton Keepal Bandouliere and the Neverfull for Women, Hermes Izmir shoes for Men etc.

Hermes Birkin Yellow Ostritch Luxury Closet

BAZAAR's Top Picks

Hermes Saffron Ostrich Gold Hardware Birkin 35 Bag


HBA: Lastly, how do you feel we as a luxury fashion industry can “be better” when it comes to environmentalism, consumerism and fast fashion?

KK: We as consumers buy 400% more clothes then we did 2 decades ago. In parallel, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Furthermore, the average lifetime of a garment is 3 years in the fast fashion sector. Instead of encouraging this overproduction and overconsumption of fast fashion, the resale market offers buyers a sustainable alternative to fast fashion whilst offering them long-lasting choices of the highest quality. In other words, we could "be better" consumers by buying less but buying better. It also offers us the opportunity to often refresh our closets by selling what we no longer use in order to finance our newest purchases and give a second life to these garments.

The Luxury Closet is available online and in store at Dubai Marina Mall.