The Interview: Gigi Hadid’s Hairstylist Shares His Top Hair Trends

BY Rimal Mohammed / Mar 16 2020 / 15:19 PM

Los Angeles-based hairstylist Matthew Collins reveals how to recreate his favourite celebrity hairstyles

The Interview: Gigi Hadid’s Hairstylist Shares His Top Hair Trends

Matthew Collins, global Dyson ambassador and celebrity hairstylist, reveals the hottest hair trends of 2020. Collins shows you how to recreate salon-style looks at home, without the use of extreme heat.

"As we usher in a new decade, Paris Haute Couture Week (PHCW) started the year right with the graceful embrace of natural beauty. Working backstage during the show, you could see that the ‘mode de jour’ of burning hair for unrealistic looks is out, healthy hair is in.

Even my celebrity clients have shifted away from outdated styling practices. Maintaining shiny, healthy hair and embracing its natural texture is now more important than achieving the ‘look of the day’. Mercifully, the Dyson Supersonic and the Dyson Airwrap styler both utilise intelligent heat control to measure airflow temperature, and prevent damage to your hair from extreme heat.

Also, using less heat to style your hair helps maintain that new ‘ombre’ or ‘brond’ colour that you plan to rock this year. High heat can cause changes to the amino acid strands in your hair which can result in rapid colour fade.

Yes, juggling modern day schedules means a glossy A-list blow-dry is not a realistic part of our everyday beauty routine. Sometimes, extreme heating tools or damaging hair treatments seem like your only hope. But with the right knowledge, tools, and a little practice, you too can style your hair like a professional.

So whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily, the first step to Haute Couture hair that is designed for you is to understand what we are working with, and how each hair type is affected by heat and airflow. Then, understand your tools:

- Craving some beach waves? Dry your hair using the Airwrap’s firm smoothing brush, leaving it a slightly damp – about 20%. Once done, brush your hair through using a wide tooth comb.

- Long, thick hair that frizzes up in humidity? After applying your go to taming product, simply dry your hair using the Dyson Supersonic Diffuser attachment. The attachment allows you to style a larger hair area with great control, while the even airflow reduces frizz.

- Got a long day ahead of you, so you need a style that can last as long as you? Your best friend for that lasting look is the Styling concentrator attachment that comes with the Dyson Supersonic. It is a super thin nozzle which jets the air in one direction, allowing you to achieve a precise airflow for more efficient styling, so you can create bends or go super-sleek. 

- Does fine thin hair run in your family? The Airwrap’s soft smoothing brush provides a softer, more diffused airflow allowing for gentle drying. Dry your hair while running this brush from the ground up, giving your hair extra volume as it dries. Do not forget to give your hair a cold shot at 28°C, running the brush through for at least 15 seconds to set the style.

What about the hair trends for 2020? Just embrace your hair:

- If you have waves then wear it casually, with layering at the front. For that extra cool, add timeless accessories for that extra flair like the Dior Mitzah Scarf.

- Make the most of your curls by embracing their natural texture, remember that less is more! If you want to take things to the next level, consider adding hair accessories like an 80’s broche or temporary dyes, instead of permanent colour.

- The sleek straight and wet look continues to reign in 2020, but now it has gone shorter with the return of the bob. Whether it’s side-parted, with flicked ends, or worn with casual flow and a part in the middle, this season it is ‘short hair, don’t care’.

- Yes, the 60s are back with deep, side-swooping parts, fullness at the crowns, and blunt baby bangs, à la Mad Men meets year 2020. 

Finally, practice makes perfect. Dyson has created a series of useful, simple, and informative YouTube videos on its channel Dyson Hair that guides us on which heat and airflow settings work best, and how to get the most out of your natural hair through styling."

Images courtesy of Instagram/Dyson.