These Are The Top Ten Wedding Trends For 2020, According To Experts

BY Kasia Truscott / Nov 24 2019 / 12:35 PM

A team of expert wedding planners from Emaar Hospitality Group reveal the most popular wedding trends for the year ahead

These Are The Top Ten Wedding Trends For 2020, According To Experts

2020 is very nearly upon us, meaning that for many beautiful brides-to-be, the big day is fast approaching. But how does one start planning their dream wedding? 

Luckily, Emaar Hospitality Group offers over 40 stunning venues across its 14 hotels, golf and polo clubs in the UAE to suit every type of wedding imaginable. And their expert team of wedding planners have got a particularly keen eye on the up-and-coming trends in the world of weddings and romance. 

Scroll down for a look at the top ten wedding trends to look out for in 2020 to make your wedding truly unforgettable: 

1. Creative Food Stations

Couples seeking to add something a little different to the menu for their big day will no doubt take inspiration from the popularity of artisan food markets and street-food-style cuisine that has been on the rise as of late. Through a series of quirky live cooking stations and creative food displays, share a little slice of home with your loved ones and revel in the delight of a unique interactive dining experience. 

2. Eco-friendly Weddings

With sustainability being the word on everyone's lips right now, couples and wedding planners alike are now starting to look at going green wherever they can. Emaar's team of experts predict that we'll see a rise in the use of locally sourced foods, recycable materials and décor in the year to come.

3. Statement Wedding Cakes

The bigger the better is what experts are seeing in 2020. A fabulous wedding cake will continue to take centre stage at the wedding reception for many couples, with hand-painted, ink-stained or mosaic-style showstoppers on the rise. Looking for something a little different? Try hopping on board the geode cake trend, and wow your guests with a cake that's truly out of this world.

4. The Great Outdoors

The timeless romance of an outdoor wedding has made it one of the most popular trends that never seems to go out of style. Whether you're looking for an exclusive fountain view or somewhere overlooking a luscious green landscape, Dubai has it all - and the wonderful winter weather to top it all off. Just make sure it's not scheduled to rain anytime soon...

5. Perfect Projections

Video mapping is the latest techological trend to take over the world of weddings. Whether it's projecting stunning floral patterns or the mesmerising aura of a starry night sky, add a little bit of magic into the mix for an exceptionally romantic celebration.

6. Special Dates

Emaar's team of experts predict there will be huge demand for weddings on January 1, February 2, February 20 and October 10 and 20 next year, with the latter dates proving to be even more memorable with the start of the highly-anticipated Dubai Expo 2020.

7. All That Glitters

The ever-popular shades of nude, rose and blush, mixed in with hues of white, ivory and cream are to remain supreme in 2020. Metallic hues and glittery shades are also expected to have their moment next year, with variations of the traditional gold and silver embellishments reflected in couples' décor and venue preferences. 

8. The Insta-worthy Moment

What's a wedding without the perfect photo to remember it? Wedding photography (and videography, for that matter) is expected to become a whole new trend in itself next year, with couples increasingly choosing venues based on their aesthetic vision of that perfect, swoon-worthy Instagram photo. 

9. Staycation Weddings

Destination weddings to the dreamy Maldives or the romantic City of Lights will continue to be a popular chocice for many in the coming year. However, UAE-based couples need not look far in their search for sandy-white beaches and picture-perfect weather. Emaar's team of experts predicts that 2020 will see more couples opting for wedding staycations, bringing friends and family together at home for a weekend-long celebration.

10. Unique Experiences

Couples seeking to create a celebration that is wonderfully unique to them is expected to top it all off for 2020. Many couples will look to plan the perfect wedding that showcases their own love story, in a memorable celebration that marks the beginning of a brand new, exciting chapter of life together together.

Images: Courtesy of Emaar Hospitality Group; Jason Leung; Evelina Friman; Tom Pumford; Jeremy Wong Weddings; Arshad Pooloo; Marcus Lewis